We’re number one!

While there has been much weeping and wailing about the drop in mechanical math skills by Canadian teens, 2012, since the previous PISA scores ( though still well above all english speaking countries) this latest test of problem solving skills ( which is the focus of our math curriculum) shows Canada is ahead of all Western countries and all English speaking countries and third after Korea and Japan ( several other asian cities including Singapore are ahead but i think it unfair to include cities as they always have superior results to national figures )

The star headline reads
“Canadian teens beat much of the globe in problem-solving skills”

OECD’s latest assessment ranks Canadian students ahead of most of the West in many skills thought most important by 21st century employers.

Ontario Alberta and BC do even better than the national score! Where the hue and cry to bring back the basics has been strongest and where public opinion has forced these province to alter curriculum to bring back more “rote memory” basics instead of discovery, problem solving math

But what i like most of all is the stunning result :

” Moreover, Canadian students performed relatively the same regardless of socio-economic background or immigrant status compared with other countries, the report showed — a sign Canadian schools do well at removing demographic barriers to achievement.

No country compares in this study or any of the other studies in Canada’s remarkable success in narrowing the gap in achievement between the rich and the poor and immigrant groups we still lead the world in that regard ( though the gap has not been eliminated )

Here is the full article


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